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About Kathy Roberts

Kathy Roberts has always had a passion, a desire to mentor/coach and develop youth, especially those in low income and impoverished areas across the country. She has done lectures and demonstrations in a myriad of settings and coached at-risk teens in the community assisting them to develop self-esteem to learn what they love to do and coaching them on how to bring out the best of their abilities given their situational factors. She works with community leaders and professionals to identify areas and individuals and to brainstorm and troubleshoot, not only the education system, but the social system and identify ways that will make it easier for tomorrow's future (the youth) to be able to succeed. She assists college students in focusing on their education and assists them to develop a plan of action to be able to reach their goals and maximize their potential with their education as well as life in general. As member of the Alumni Council, in two years, Kathy contributed to a greater awareness of programs benefitting both students and faculty. She also brought community recognition and participation to the success of the school through event participation and sponsorship.

Kathy is highly qualified in her field. She graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Administration of Justice furthering her education and backing that up with various other specific and directed fields such as Advanced Forensic Investigation where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and Forensic Investigation and Management where she was finished Cum Laude in both programs. She also has an Early Childhood Development Certification. Ms. Roberts has been on the Dean's list and is an Academic and Presidential Scholar. She received an Outstanding Achievement Honor Award for her Academic Work in Sociology, a Liberal Arts Division. She currently serves as the President of the Alumni Association where she works with various programs focusing on student and professor/teacher recognition in achieving high standards in their educational endeavors.

She is a Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter. She has competed in the sport of powerlifting for over fourteen years. Ms. Roberts has set several WORLD, NATIONAL, AMERICAN, REGIONAL, and STATE records in the lifetime drugfree category. (3 Gold, Silver & Bronze medals) She adamantly speaks out towards any form of drug use.

She's competed in and been a champion in the 132 lb, 148 lb, 165 lb, 181 lb, and 198 lb. weight classes. May 2010, Kathy won the 181 lb Benchpress Competition in the Women's Open Division at the 100% Raw Freedom USA BP/Curl Competition and set one (1) National and one (1) new State Benchpress record. Kathy listed in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, Ranked #1 All-Time Top Ten Women Deadlifters in the 90kg/198.4 lbs. Weight Class. January 2010, Kathy won the 198 lb Women's Open Division at the 2010 Potomac Open Bench/Deadlift Championships with a 410 lb. deadlift, weighing in at a 184 lb. bodyweight and set two (2) National and (2) State Records. January 2010, Kathy was listed in the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, Ranked #2 All-Time Top Ten Women Bench Pressers in the 82.5 kg/ 181.8 lbs. Weight Class and Ranked #3 All-Time Top Ten Women Deadlifters in the 82.5 kg/ 181.8 lbs. Weight Class. January 2009, National and State Benchpress Records, 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, State Champion Benchpress 181 lb Women's Open Division.

In July 2008, Kathy was listed in the Powerlifting USA (PLUSA) Magazine, 181 lb. Women's Top 20 Strongest Deadlifters in the World. In July 2007, Kathy was listed in the PLUSA Magazine, 181 lb. Women's Top 20 Strongest Deadlifters in the world. In March 2007, Kathy won the Women's 181 lb. National Ironman Bench/Deadlift National Championships competing with the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation. Kathy set two new American Records in the Anti-Drug Athletes United (ADAU) Coal Country Classic Single Lift Championships, December 2006, in Bigler, Pennsylvania. Kathy benched 240.22 lbs to set a new American Record and won the Women's Most Outstanding Bencher Award. Kathy deadlifted 400.69 lbs to set a new American Record and won the Women's Most Outstanding Deadlifter Award. Kathy won first place in the 181 lb. women's raw (no equipment) division in both single lift event championships. Kathy In November 2006, Kathy set a new Bench Press American Record in the 181 lb women's open division at the 2006 ADAU Connecticut State Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships. Kathy also won first place in the 181 lb. women's open division.

In the summer of 1995, Kathy was named CITGO Congress of State Games Female Athlete of the Year Award in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She was awarded with a Gold, Silver, and Bronze for being chosen the Athlete of the Year. Kathy has been the only Powerlifter in the last 16 years of the games to be named Athlete of the Year. Kathy was a Gold Medalist two years in a row. She carried the torch for the opening ceremony the following year and then again during the 10th Anniversary of the Games.

In October 2005, Kathy won 1st Place in the 165 lb lifetime drugfree division, ADAU "No Druggies Allowed", Single Lift Deadlift Championships. She set a new American record in the deadlift in her division. In October, Kathy won 1st place in the WPA World Bench Press Championships, competing in the 165 lb. Women's Drugfree Division, setting a new State record in the 165 lb. Women's Drugfree division. In January 2004, Kathy was listed in WPA /American Powerlifting Association's 2003 Women's Top 20. She was ranked #4 for the 165 pound weight class, Open Division. This list consists of drug-tested and non-drug-tested results. In November 2003, Ms. Roberts set a new 165 lb. Drug-Tested State record in the Bench Press while competing in the APA State Championships. In March 2001, Kathy's bench press ranked 6th, her deadlift ranked 7th and her overall total score ranked 7th in the U. S. in the PLUSA's Women's Top 20 for 2000 in the 198 pound Division.

Kathy is listed in the APA Women's Top 20 for 2000. Kathy is ranked 1st in 198 pound drug-tested division in the Bench Press with a 265 pound World Record lift, and she is ranked 1st in the 198 pound drug-tested division with a 430 pound Deadlift, a World Record lift. In January 2000, Kathy was named in PLUSA's Women's Top 50 All-Time Powerlifters in the 165 pound weight division. In March 2000, Kathy's bench press was ranked sixth in the U. S. in the 198 pound weight division. In May 2000, Kathy was named in Powerlifting USA's Women's Top 50 All-Time Powerlifters in the 181 pound weight division for the bench press and deadlift. In June 2000, Kathy was named PLUSA's Women's Top 50 All-Time Powerlifters in the 198 pound weight division for the bench press. She's been ranked in the top twenty in her weight class in each lift (squat, bench and deadlift), for several years. In 1993, 1994, 1995,1996 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 . . . 2007, several of her lifts were ranked in the top twenty in the nation in her weight class. Many of Ms. Roberts' opponents are not considered drugfree which makes her top twenty ranking an even greater accomplishment. Ms. Roberts was listed as #3 in the USAPL Women's 2000 Ranking Top Ten, by total in the 198 Pound Weight Class with a 1020 pound total.

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